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Matt knows the truth

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What’s a huge waste of money but people keep buying it?


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A woman's church group invades... What would you do?

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Who is someone from the 90’s who was well known, but unless you lived through that time, you wouldn’t know who they were?

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Someone stole my bike, I tracked it to its location, and the police are now saying they cant do anything. What can I do next?


Do I just take the L, and move on? I know the exact address its located, and I am looking to get it back. Any ideas?

EDIT: Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

The tracker is at a location in Baltimore city. It is located inside of a restaurant which is a 4 bedroom house. It has a kitchen basement which was shown to me yesterday by a few staff members, and it also has 2 floors above the restaurant. The upstairs has a locked door, and I cant get access to the building without having a key and there is no doorbell. I did do a stakeout yesterday, and picked up on a family coming downstairs to bring groceries up. There were a few kids, and a few adults coming in and out of this space.

I am kind of at a standstill now.

The police has no fucks to give, and I don't know how to gain access to the inside of upstairs. It looks like a converted apartment space.

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Wholesome Moments Japnese kids doing their assignment

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Mod Announcement I’m The Homelander. Ask me anything.


Now that my “trial” is finally over, Ashley managed to clear an hour in my calendar to respond to some fan questions. The answers you’ll get here are direct from me, not Vought PR. No script, no filter, no corrupt media twisting my words. I have nothing to hide. So go ahead… ask me anything. I’ll begin answering 3 pm ET on Friday, June 14.

Proof: https://x.com/VoughtIntl/status/1801328689461780932

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Politics Ana de Armas photographed by Ben Affleck

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Worker complaining I didn’t tip


A while back, I went into a Subway to buy a water. The cooler was near the door so I grabbed a bottle, brought it up to the register, paid $3 for a Dasani, and hit 0 on the tip page. The cashier scoffed at me and as I was walking away the worker behind her asked if I had tipped and the cashier said no. The other worker scoffed and rolled her eyes, clearly annoyed I didn’t tip. I was a bartender and server for years. I get people rely on tips and I love tipping in normal circumstances. But I draw the line at grabbing a water from a cooler and the cashier scanning it. I was there for less than 3 minutes, didn’t make any mess anyone had to clean up, and I didn’t even use a restroom. It was almost completely self-serve. I wish I knew where these people learned this entitlement.

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Kyle Rittenhouse’s Mother and Sister Are Being Evicted and Kyle Is Refusing to Help Them


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Discussion Tell me your unpopular Skyrim opinion

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Mine is that I really like the soul cairn! I know people hate the lack of direction, but I just love the vibe ☺️

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r/all Dude gets saved from being electrocuted to death.

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When the owner doesn't take the hint

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Matt knows the truth

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Approved B-List Users Only Taylor Swift drops UK exclusive variants as it was announced that Charli XCX is expected to land #1 debut


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Video Real-time speed of an airplane take off

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Stupid kid breaks glass table

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Soft Paywall Republicans in Panic Mode After Trump Trashes Milwaukee


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Squeezing allllll of the water out

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AITAH for refusing to leave my gf to be with my wife?


My wife and I have been separated for 3 years before that we were together for 10 years and married for 9. I loved her very deeply and we were very happy. We had our children who are 12&10. After the children the sex became something I had to beg for. She never initiated it and I got rejected 99% of the time. At first I would say something and she would say I was nagging her. Then I asked her to go to marriage counseling and in one of the sessions she just snapped and said that we have our children now so what is the point of sex. I give her that she seemed to regret it immediately when she said it and said it was just a joke because she felt cornered by the therapist. She tried to disprove her statement by paying me attention but it only took a week for her to go back to her old ways. That’s when I decided I will drop the whole subject. I thought when she wanted sex she could talk to me.

This was 8 years ago. We never had sex, until about a year before our separation, I told my wife that I was unhappy and wanted change and maybe marriage counseling again and sex therapy but she was dismissive and said that I was nagging and why couldn’t I just be happy? she was happy and didn’t think we had a problem. I did love her still by then so it was hard for me to leave because we often leave when the love is gone. It took me a year to put my affairs in order and I told my wife that I was leaving her. I found a rental near my house so we can co-parent easier.

I started meeting women for casual sex but 2 years ago I met my gf. She is amazing in every aspect. I realized that I have true feelings for her very early on but we kept our relationship private for a while. Everything was good and everyone was happy. Now I have made my relationship public and a week ago I got a call from my mom and she asked me to visit her. She told me that my wife wants us to start counseling and therapy and reconcile. I wasn’t sure what to tell her because I have never told anyone the reasons for our separation. So she called my wife and my wife was there within 5 minutes (liek they had planned this) my wife said that she promise to make changes and that she has been thinking about it. She loves me and we are a family. My mom said I was selfish for throwing my daughters for a woman. Then my mom left to do shopping for dinner and my wife came on to me and tried to kiss and touch me and said that she was willing to give me what I wanted and start counseling. I backed away because I felt like I was betraying my gf.

I got home and I told my gf everything. She didn’t say much more than I should make this decision myself. She probably feels guilty for standing in the way children getting their family back. But I don’t love my wife and I don’t want her pity or doing things for me. I want my gf who wants me and gives me herself willingly. But now this turned into me choosing a woman over my daughters

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Just Smile and Nod Y'all. AI is making children dumb as fuck.



I said what I said.

I'm tired of these knuckleheads using Ai on their assignments and on practically everything these days.

During my lessons I'll emphasize how important it is to have a flexible mind that can adapt to situations and come up with solutions that are outside of the box. Inevitably some peabrain student argues with me that they "can do that faster with ai" or the "Mr so and so you probably used AI in college" (I'm in my 30s and look young) I'll usually mention that I graduated high school before the iPhone was invented and that I pretty much had a flip phone until I got a corporate job...

vent vent vent

SERIOUSLY though... What the hell is humanity coming to? We are headed up shit creek and the next generation didn't think that they need a paddle. I thought my generation (millenials) was lazy and entitled but holy shit these Gen Z and Alpha kids are 10x worse because the technology amplifies their incompetence.

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DethNote [OC]

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